Idea to Product

Every product originates from an Idea

Custom Electronics Shack designs, develops and manufactures innovative custom electronic products, including specific equipment
that cannot be found in mass-market sales.

Our collective of experienced engineers and programmers turns client’s ideas or concepts into fully functioning, reliable, high-quality,
marketable prototypes, that meet client’s requirements.

Variety of devices we develop is wide

We have experience in developing broad range of consumer and industrial products.

From microcontroller based systems, audio equipment, to certain interface kinds, we can develop, design and produce
any type of apparatus you need.

We also provide the service of organizing larger product quantities production, based on developed prototype.

Contact us for a solution

Give us indicators and functions you expect equipment implementation to perform.

Send general requirements, desired features, specify functionality, performance and interface requirements,
engineering standards, power supply resources, required dimensions to fit.

If you currently lack Device Idea Solution, but know the purpose of equipment functionality, it is sufficient to tell us that.

Our professional team will recommend the best solution.

Contact us. We’ll respond as soon as possible with our offer, suggestions, price and terms of delivery.