CES Zero Feedback Four-Channel Amplifier

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Power supply consists of a few very powerful, ultra stable and flexible electronic circuits.

When mains power enters the device it is coupled to high efficiency 2KW power factor corrector or PFC. This section, instead of just rectifying and charging the electrolytic capacitor, chops the sine wave input waveform into 400.000 pieces and by precise measurement multiplies each segment to precisely 400 Volts. This voltage charges the main capacitor where the voltage level is tightly monitored. Using this process, device achieves very high power factor of 0.98 instead of typical 0.25-0.35 like in conventional design. This means that 98% of input sine wave is used. This also eliminates any need for additional mains voltage correction devices, since this input PFC will maintain 400 Volts ready for power supplies, regardless of input voltage being anywhere between 65-265 Volts, automatically accepting any world power standard.