CES Zero Feedback Four-Channel Amplifier

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Output amplifier is our latest version of a zero feedback topology, using our specially developed circuit which is based around latest ultra-linear semiconductor components, ensuring very high reproduction detail, much above anything in audio band, but still remaining at very low distortion with practically no transient intermodulation, no speaker reactive phase and load modulation which is common with amplifiers that use negative feedback due to dynamic damping factor and large accumulation among amplifier stages.

This output design provides constant ultra-low output impedance, resulting in ultra-high damping factor, which leaves output amplifier immune to speaker reactive behavior, but still holding the speaker ultimately controlled, regardless of its size, power rating or quality.

Output power is 500 Watts per channel regardless of speaker impedance. When amplifier is turned on, a specially designed device using the first five seconds while the amplifier is initially self-calibrating, measures the impedance of the speakers providing both user with speaker details on a front panel and internal power supply with requirements for proper supply voltage for measured speaker impedance, keeping the amplifier always in perfect balance and keeping the heat dissipation at optimal levels.